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Week 19 - Faceless

Ah, I'm sorry about the absents of posts. >>
Since Halloween is way over, I'm going to make a new one. Mmk'~~?
(I wouldn't be doing this so late, but my internet died and I don't know when I'm going to be able to get online tomorrow.)

Theme: Faceless. Easy. No faces, just the body~~

[x] Icon must fit LJ standards.
[x] Icons must be made just for this challenge.
[x] Don't advertise your icon until after the contest has ended.
[x] Comments are screened.
[x] You may submit 2 icons for this challenge.
[x] Include img scr= and url in your post.
[x] Animation and blends ARE allowed.
[x] You may enter until 10:00 CST on Friday, December 14th.

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